What is different about Heritage Feed?

What is different about Heritage Feed?

What makes our feed different?

Feed is pretty simple, right? Well, in some ways yes but in ways, not really. Feed is simple in that is often considered a commodity. Go get a bag of feed that hs chickens on the bag, and the birds like it. Easy. At least that the way I viewed it when we grew up having 20 birds max.

The hard part is when you have a budget, or feather issues, or leg issues, or your customers want organic, a specific weight, or no corn, or NON GMO, etc, etc. That's where it get interesting. 

Our reasoning is simple, learn what is the core of good feed, and do just that. No more, just keep it simple clean and local.

• No fillers, and No binders. Nutritionally dense, like a bodybuilder protein bar.

• Specially formulated for livestock that is primarily pasture-raised.

• Our small, in-house milling operation gives you the freshest feed possible. The fresher the feed, the more nutrients for your livestock. 

• A typical drawback to traditional non-soy feeds is their depletion of necessary amino acids. Our feed has been created with a custom nutrition blend that delivers more protein and amino acids than most soy feed.

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