Our founding Story • Heritage Feed

Our founding Story • Heritage Feed

Our founding Story • Heritage Feed

Heritage Feed was started by farmers that needed a high quality feed that wouldn’t break the bank. 

We wanted a healthy diet both for our animals and ourselves. So we began researching many different kinds of Non-GMO feeds. Then we started trying out different combinations of nutritional grains to find out what worked best for the health, production and nutrition of our animals. 

After figuring out the right grains for the high quality feed we were striving to produce, we found one of the best nutritionists in the country to fine tune our feeds. 

As farmers, we were trying to stay in business but we were struggling to do so because of the high cost of Non-GMO feeds. We thought it was selfish to use the high quality feeds only for ourselves, so in late 2016 we decided to start producing our feeds for other farms and homesteads.

Our goal here at Heritage Feed is to produce high quality Non-GMO feeds at affordable prices to help keep farmers in business by yielding the healthiest, highest, quality animals. 


John Adams,


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